Saturday, January 7, 2012

10 Reasons to Move Out of Your Parents' House

I'm getting ready to move in with my fiancée, and I realized there are some GREAT reason to move out of the old parents' house.

1. Individual Freedom/Personal Space
     I need my personal space. I hate that my parents feel that since they own the house, I can be 20 and they will still walk in and do what they want in my room when I'm gone.

2. Chores/Nags
     Chores, who likes them? Why is it that after a 12 hour work day, the first greeting I get is "clean the bathroom, I saw its getting messy." Why the hell are you in there anyway? See point 1.

3. Significant Other
     Whether its a fiancée, girlfriend, boyfriend, or just a one night stand, we all know that having them over with your parents around is tough. Let yourself have that person over without someone barging in (see 1st Point).

4. Self-Esteem
     Having your own place is a confidence booster. It gives you more self-esteem because you know that you are on your own and are truly an adult. It's one of the stepping stones in life.

5. Social Game
     First, see point 3. What if its not someone your trying to hook up with. You just want the guys over or your girlfriends over. Do you really think you can play beer-pong or watch the game or do whatever the hell you want to do with your parents around. Hell no you can't.

6. Health
     Let's face it, you can probably be healthier alone. Without as much money to spare, you won't be using your electricity bill on video games all night. You will be out more, exercising, choosing what you want to eat instead of the fattening food mom gives you, and more. I know personally that when I moved back in with my folks after being gone for a year and a half I put on 20lbs.

7. No More Awkward Silences
     You're watching a comedy, an adult joke is brought up. Do you smile or laugh? Do your parents give you that awkward look like, "Hey how do you know what that means?" Do I need to go further?

8. Music
     My dad is 61. He hates rap, rock, hip-hop, and pop. I hate that I can't have my music playing loud because its uncut and I'm sick of him getting pissed that I listen to "that crap." Sorry Dad, I don't want to listen to do-wops and 50s music all day.

9. Holidays
    You can finally choose where you want to be during the holidays and it doesn't HAVE to be with your parents. No more guilt trips about "oh your going out this Christmas?" or "I thought New Years was with us?"

10. Sleep Wherever You Want, Whenever You Want
     Ah, finally we come to number 10. I don't like sleeping in my room all the time. Sometimes I want to pass out on the floor or couch. Sometimes I want to sleep all day. Why can't I do this at my parents' house? Well, at least on your own you can do this when and where you want.

What are you reasons for moving out?

-Mr. White


Omnislash said...

Very true. I'm definitely planning on moving out when I can afford a place and find a job. I just want to move out and get away from all the arguments in the house.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had enough money to move.

Kingmush said...

All great reasons!

Anonymous said...

Imma move.

Kilsr said...

The chores actually become more relevent when you live on your own! and then come cleaning supplies and that costs monies!

JacobMayhem said...

I couldn't agree more-so with a lot of these! Great list.

Stormylol said...

I wanna move out. Not enough money though that's the only problem. Oh, and I don't think I'd cope on my own haha, maybe I'll find a nice girl ;p

Brandonman said...

Excellent points, and all are extremely valid!

Nothing Worth A Million Dollars said...

Hahaha this is so true.

David said...

good reasons all true

WeiseGuy said...

Thanks all for reading!

Adkov said...

Too bad you're moving in with your fiance. It'd be better if you had a chance to live on your own by yourself or even with a roommate. I'm sure you're all happy and whatever but I feel bad for a man who never had a chance to live on his own.

Dave Natan said...

Aw, man i agree with most of those except for the chores part. I'd clean ALL THE THINGS, for one properly cooked meal a day, instead of my improv home made pan pizza :D

MynameisEarl said...

Good for you man but for some Asian parents, they actually want their kids to stay at home, namingly me.

From what I've experienced, Asian sons or daughters don't really "leave the nest" until in their early-mid 20s. Unless they were raised in a western fashion then they may be more independent.

The feeling sucks man.

Kristjan said...

The 10th point is good. My mom is cool and all but whenever I`m tired and wanna sleep on the day time, she is constantly trying to wake me up.

Kristjan said...

Neat blog, though. Following!

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