Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 Reasons to Move Out of Your Parents' House - Part 2

Well, let’s see.

1.       Freedom; when you are no longer owned by the people that have supported you your whole life, there is a certain weight lifted off of your shoulders.

2.       Complete Control of Personal Life; Have you ever heard the phrase, “Who’s the boss?” Well, if you move out of your parent’s home… You can now answer that question with a “Me.”

3.       Life Enhancement; So easy a caveman say it. “Me love life, because me no live with mama.” Be your own person. Live and enjoy life!

4.       Social Life; That awkward moment when you wanna bring that cute person you met at the bar home for the night. Let’s face it, we all wanted to have a bad-ass party growing up. Not everyone had the cool parents.

5.       Non Conformity; ever wanted to let that loud burp out, but afraid your relatives would condemn you? Let it out.

6.       Music; (This is my personal favorite) If I choose to listen to music really loud!!! It doesn’t have to be appropriate. It can be whatever the hell I want! 

7.       Chores; I personally am a very OCD/Anal person. I like a clean home. But that doesn’t mean I have to do everything at a certain time!

8.       Sleep; Snooze Button of Life. Nuff’ said

9.       Space; Ever just wanna get away? Well, if you’re on your own. That’s simple.

10.   Food; I’ve always hated how I never got to pick what cereal we got, or what kind of drinks we had.

There’s no doubt that a few of these go hand in hand, and complement each other. But that’s the benefit of moving out of your parent’s home. 

-Mr. Black


JacobMayhem said...

Choorrreeesss.... Hissss.... :P I moved out not too long ago, and I agree with a lot of this! Especially the girl. ;)

sonnema said...

very true.
Following cos i want part 3

Anonymous said...

11. Freedom again

Omnislash said...

So true. Best reasons to move out.

Anonymous said...


BragonDorn said...

You left out the ability to throw wild parties! :)

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