Monday, January 16, 2012

What if: The Matrix Was Real?

Imagine, the world we are living in is just a dream. In reality, we are just fodder living inside of a program. A program designed to keep us satisfied and not ask questions, while our true selves are being harvested.

Scary thought no? When the Matrix came out, I couldn't believe what I was watching. I have had this thought so many times before (well, maybe not robots harvesting our bodies for energy), but never had it come through so clearly.

I can see the idea of the Matrix being a reality today. If you take a look around, we really are just mindless drones, walking around with our daily routine. Any great achievements come from those who are able to see the bigger picture on life. We are born, we learn, we work, we die. Hasn't anyone else found this to be a strange cycle? Working towards the inevitable death?

I love the idea of the Matrix because I think it gives a reality check to society today. We all need to take a deeper understanding on life, enjoy what we have, and attempt to free our minds from the "Matrix" that life has us stuck in.

-Mr. White


Anonymous said...

Life would be more interesting.

erdna said...

"What if: The Matrix Was Real?" life would be awesome, and bullets would be useless

Maximus Prime said...

Passion. Passion and being cognizant that you are alive, and that time is finite; that is what separates the people stuck in a routine, from the ones that truly experience all that life has to offer.

Get soaked in the rain, love someone with all you have, walk in the middle of the road (you pay taxes, its ok), and savor your existence.

It's a beautiful thing :-)

Kristjan said...

HAHAHA! Great thoughts, mate.

gewrge wackinger said...

Well if a person realises that he's just another system slave, can't he break the cycle for himself??

WeiseGuy said...

@Maximus, this is how I live life

@Gewrge Wackinger, that's why I love the Matrix. Wakeup call for us all that we CAN break free from the system and do something in big for ourselves and others.

Anonymous said...

I've always had that thought wondering if everything was real. Like anything could be happening right now, you're body could be in a coma, and your simply living your life in your mind. Or some other bizzare explanation,

Anonymous said...

How do we know it aint real?

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