Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reincarnation, or Just Food for the Plants?

I have often thought of reincarnation and the possibilities of it existing. Many believe that they have lived past lives and their life is just a cycle, where if they do good in life, their next one will be better; and of course if they do bad, then their next life will suffer. Now, I don't want to go so far as to say I was a full blown Human before, but let's take a look at the possibility of this.

When you die, you are buried into the ground. Most of us are buried in a coffin and are laid to rest. Now, lets fast forward a bit. As that coffin decomposes and your body does inside of it, what do you think is decomposing it? Small organisms, that's what, and this is the basis of my theory.

When those organisms decompose our bodies, they are gaining nutrients themselves to live, grow, and eventually die. Part of my body is now used to potentially be in part of that organism. This organism will die, enriching the soil with these same nutrients, a part of me. That soil will eventually have some form of plant life, be it dandelion, grass, tree, or otherwise. This plant will eventually be eaten, cross pollinated, or otherwise. The cycle continues and eventually it becomes some form of food that a human consumes. That human has a child.

Now, there might not be much of me left, but if you think about it, there is a part of me in that newborn child.

What do you think of that society? Maybe its not full-blown reincarnation, but it sure does make you think.

-Mr. White


Anonymous said...

Dude, great insight on life. Way to think out of the box.

Zachary said...

Well, yeah... that's called a food chain. But you're right, you will be part of something after you pass away. It's a good PoV for reincarnation.

Anonymous said...

Matter cannot be destroyed or created, just like energy. So basically everything on this earth, matter-wise, is recycled. So perhaps reincarnation is just a more spiritual and basic theory at the thought of matter being recycled.

Kristjan said...

Nice. Never really thought of it that way.

Maximus Prime said...

The Circle of Life!

WeiseGuy said...

I like the thought on matter, really makes sense that way too. It's what I am saying in physics lol

Omnislash said...

I always just thought people end up in the dirt like everything else, ha.

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